In order to complete the new tenure, the registration for Executive Board is now open.

We are looking for:

General Secretary
General Treasurer
Vice-President for External Affair (VPE)
Vice-President for Internal Affair (VPI)
Vice-President for Policy and Advocacy (VPPA)
Vice-President for Assesment and Development (VPAD)
Vice-President for Project Development (VPPD)

National Coordinator of Funding and Partnership (FP)
National Coordinator of International Affair (IA)
National Coordinator of Health and Policy Studies (HPS)
National Coordinator of Leadership Development (LD)
National Coordinator of Community Empowerment (CE)
National Coordinator of Medical Education and Profession (MEP)
National Coordinator of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)
National Coordinator of Public Relation (PR)

For further information about the guideline and application form can be found at bit.ly/OPRECEBISMKI2021 and make sure to regist yourself and complete the application before November, 21st 2019 at 23.59 GMT+7

Grand Design Nauval Fariz Damas #ISMKIPEMBARUAN

Don’t miss the opportunity, lets give your REAL contribution to improving medical students and national health


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