Dear Medical Students of Indonesia,

The waiting is over! Asian Collaborative Training on Infectious Disease Outbreaks, Natural Disasters, and Refugee Management (ACTION) is back. A transnational project, held by SCORP IFMSA in the Asia-Pacific region with a one-week training program, consists of lectures, workshops, small working group, simulations, and field trip. The participants will also learn about Indonesia’s diverse culture through the creative sessions, city tour, and also our special social program.

We are opening the early seat registration of ACTION 2017. The early seat registration is open from May 4th until June 4th for USD 325.

For all the information please read our invitation package in

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Disaster strikes without warning. Infectious disease becomes the foremost dangerous threat. Lead the charge. Rise to ACTION! See you soon at Surabaya, Indonesia!

For more information, please contact:
Anugrah Rosando Siwy (HP: 082271323388/Line: siwynnov)
Josevaldo Bagus Pratomo (HP: 08567630888/Line: josevaldo)

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